K POINT FASHION is synonym of creativity in fashion business

Armed with brand promotion, sales and content creation capabilities, the company focuses on promoting fashion design, lifestyle, culture and arts from Japan to China and the rest of Asia, providing one-stop solution for project planning, PR promotion, content creation as well as retail sales. Philosophy: finding a good balance between creativity and business objec- tives to fit the nature of a project. 




Brand agent & distribution business

With Showroom K POINT as main business body, select and work with quality designer’s brands in both China and Japan markets, Showroom K POINT・SHANGHAI Founded in spring 2014, Showroom K POINT・TOKYO, Planned to open in Mar 2017Aim to bring Chinese designer’s brands into Japan.



Store operation・retail business

Established boutique store THE CLOSET with Isetan in Shanghai to offer female designer’s brands and explores new model of mainstream channel operating selected shopsEstablished premium lady’s wear brand SUGAR AND SALT with TAKISADA-OSAKA and operates in the forms of boutique, pop-up store and e-commerce. 



Focusing on collaboration in fashion, creative culture and lifestyle projects 

Marketing consulting、 Digital solution、PR service、Event planing、Event execution、Media relation、Social media management , Has its own PRESS ROOM , Close partnership with Chinese media, stylists and fashion KOLS.



Founded in 2015, K Point Visual has a team of highly professional creative team, focusing on visual design collaboration with fashion brands, Photography 、 Graphic design 、Video shooting 、Video production.